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in just 6 weeks

Whether it's getting toned, losing weight, or boosting energy, our 6-Week GetFit is your launchpad to finally getting fit results, whatever that means for you.

Fit Results Gym Workout Logan Square

Proven progress

Participants lose an average of 12 lbs or 3 inches in just 6 weeks, and that's just the beginning.

Expert Guidance

With over 10,000 classes under our belt, we're experts at tackling your unique fitness goals, even if you have injuries or disabilities.


Our program bends to your ambitions. 'Fit Results' is what YOU define it to be. We just help you get there!



• Discuss your goals, preferences, experience, previous injuries, & schedule.

• Choose what fits YOU from all our options.

• Uncover what's mentally holding you back.

• Gain clarity on how to jumpstart your fitness journey and get the results you've been looking for.


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Real People. Real results.

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Flav R.
Flav R.
Lost 70+ lbs in less than 1 year

“I used to feel like things were out of my control and I had no one to turn to. I didn't know what to do at gyms and felt out of place. Like everyone was judging me. Lou not only made me feel good about coming in, but also helped me consistently show up for myself. Now I'm a coach here and I do the same for others.”

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Vanessa
Lost 25 lbs in 3 months

“I'd been at other gyms before and while it was fun I never really aim for results. I decided to try out Fit Results and ended up loving the support from everyone. ALSO I got results!!”

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Marina C.
Marina C.
Lost 28 lbs in 4 months

“2020 was a very difficult time for me. I had put on some extra weight and didn't feel healthy. Going to Fit Results helped me feel stronger and healthier for the first time in years AND I was able to hit my goal of losing 25 pounds.”

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Matt W
Matt W
Lost 38 lbs in 6 months

“Lou helped me not just understand fitness and nutrition, but how to live life with principles of discipline, health and wellness that I still carry with me.”

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Kai H
Kai H.
Lost 55 lbs in 1 year

“I knew I needed to do something about my health and I knew I needed to join a gym. The problem was just picking one I believed in. I'm glad I chose Fit Results cause they helped me take it to a another level.”

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“Fit Results has one goal: Helping clients achieve their fitness goals and see results in a practical amount of time. Hands-on personal trainers go the extra mile by logging all progress and reporting a monthly assessment to identify your gains and losses. Clients love the “meticulous” and “skilled” instructors who provide “intense workouts” in an encouraging, “no-glitz,” “family type” setting.


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