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The only program in Chicago designed to beat early slumps, guiding you towards your goals with 1-on-1 weekly private coaching, a fit-for-you nutrition plan, and the best group classes in the city.

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Track where you are to where you want to go and everything in between in fitness & nutrition.


Find what works for you. Semi Personal Training and Group Classes for the level you're at.


The program is designed to cycle weekly, so you can start at your convenience.

Real People. Real results.

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Flav R.
Flav R.
Lost 70+ lbs in less than 1 year

“I used to feel like things were out of my control and I had no one to turn to. I didn't know what to do at gyms and felt out of place. Like everyone was judging me. Lou not only made me feel good about coming in, but also helped me consistently show up for myself. Now I'm a coach here and I do the same for others.”

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Vanessa
Lost 25 lbs in 3 months

“I'd been at other gyms before and while it was fun I never really aim for results. I decided to try out Fit Results and ended up loving the support from everyone. ALSO I got results!!”

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Marina C.
Marina C.
Lost 28 lbs in 4 months

“2020 was a very difficult time for me. I had put on some extra weight and didn't feel healthy. Going to Fit Results helped me feel stronger and healthier for the first time in years AND I was able to hit my goal of losing 25 pounds.”

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Matt W
Matt W
Lost 38 lbs in 6 months

“Lou helped me not just understand fitness and nutrition, but how to live life with principles of discipline, health and wellness that I still carry with me.”

Fit Results Before and After Fitness Transformation Kai H
Kai H.
Lost 55 lbs in 1 year

“I knew I needed to do something about my health and I knew I needed to join a gym. The problem was just picking one I believed in. I'm glad I chose Fit Results cause they helped me take it to a another level.”

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EVERYone deserves a second chance

Find what works for you

There are no fast results. To become healthier, mentally and physically, take time. And most importantly, a sustainable path to get there. This program targets that specific hurdle to get you past the hump of the early slumps when motivation starts wearing off.

Get youR own private coach

Exercise that's PERSONALIZED 

The workout experience should be challenging, but not so much that it's overwhelming. Besides providing a unique combination of group classes and semi-personal training, we also set you up with your own private coach to personalized help along every step of the way.

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Group workout classes
your life, your fitness

start when you're ready

Because this programs runs in weekly cycles, you can get started any week, at any time. Once you commit to the decision to start, we WON'T let you fail.

THE Second chance program

HOW the program WORKS

Fit Resuts number 1

Meet your private coach, measure and set your long-term and short-term goals, and build your plan.

Fit Resuts number 2

Work out 3-5 times weekly, depending on your program and schedule.

Fit Resuts number 3

Refuel with a custom nutrition plan for a diet you can stick to and get results.

Fit Results GO!

Adjustments, tailored advice & tips, and daily accountability from your private coach to support and keep you on track.


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Lost 4.6 lbs, 5.9% Body Fat
(4 Weeks)
Personal weight workout difference gym Fit Results

'I initially anticipated that the getFIT challenge would be easy because I’ve completed similar diets programs. However, I struggled during this program because it occurred during a time when I’d be out of town and when work is busier. Additionally, I struggled because my willingness to grocery shop and cook really depends on the day. However, what I found to be helpful was completing the challenge with a group of people that were also having these same struggles and coaches that encouraged me and held me accountable to show up. Lastly, having to post my meals/ struggles on instagram allowed me to have additional support in my family and friends from afar."

Lost 4.4 lbs, 2% Body Fat
(4 Weeks)
Personal weight workout difference gym Fit Results

"The 4 week challenge was what I needed to truly kickstart my motivation with getting back into shape! It was great having the accountability of the challenge, from the coaches checking up on me throughout the whole process to my intentionality with tracking my daily food intake.

Before the challenge, I found myself having gained weight and having difficulty getting rid of it. By the end of the challenge, I not only lost some of the weight, but I also lost body fat. I've been able to achieve more confidence in myself since the challenge to continue losing body fat and will continue to work on developing my overall fitness."

Lost 9.4 lbs, 2.4% Body Fat
(4 Weeks)
Personal weight workout difference gym Fit Results

"I think the 4 week challenge went well and believe it was a great value – especially considering we had 4 PT sessions. The extra credit work, I didn’t like it but it was helpful. However, for me I would have liked to have a bit more accountability. Perhaps having weekly check-ins that include weigh ins as well as provide more on the nutritional side like providing sample meal options or what each meal should include. I think if we have the weekly check-ins it will help the participates state engaged and help modify/adjust their goals based on their progress.  I’m sure these add-ons would likely increase the price, however I think it would be well worth it."

P.S. We've since made these additions to the GetFit Challenge! - Fit Results Team