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Led by experienced trainers, our flagship, results-driven,  personal training gym features fun group classes and personal training will push you to achieve new levels of fitness.

With a wide range of equipment and functional training areas, Fit Results South Loop is the perfect destination for those looking for results-driven workouts in a supportive environment.

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Our fitness classes and personal training sessions are designed to help you progress long-term at your own pace, wherever you are in your fitness journey. Training is available every day, multiple times per week, with a flexible training program that fits your needs.

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Torch your calories with our proprietary HIIT workout. If you want to enhance endurance, increase fat loss, and maximize calorie burn, this class is for you.


Mix it up with this high-intensity strength and endurance bootcamp class that targets every part of your body.


An Olympic style strength and conditioning program to get you the muscle gains you want. Stronger, leaner, and faster!


With the right coach and the right plan, you'll break the ceiling on your personal goals for weight loss, performance, or simply live a healthier lifestyle.



“Fit Results has one goal: Helping clients achieve their fitness goals and see results in a practical amount of time. Hands-on personal trainers go the extra mile by logging all progress and reporting a monthly assessment to identify your gains and losses. Clients love the “meticulous” and “skilled” instructors who provide “intense workouts” in an encouraging, “no-glitz,” “family type” setting.

– MEN'S JOURNAL (2017)

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Frequently Asked

Can I cancel my membership?
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For all memberships, we ask that you give us notification 21 days in advance before your membership renews. If your billing cycle falls within that 21 day notification period, please be advised that you will be charged one more time for that next month.

Can I freeze my membership?
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You can freeze your account due to any travel or work related circumstances. we ask that you give us notification 21 days in advance before your membership renews. If your billing cycle falls within that 21 day notification period, please be advised that you will be charged one more time for that next month. The 21 day notification is waived due to any medical emergencies.

What is the class cancellation policy?

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I haven't worked out in a long time. Are these classes for me?
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These classes are for everyone! In any class you’ll find people that have been doing these kinds of workouts for years, and others that are just getting started. We know its our responsibility to ensure that EVERYONE gets a good and safe workout. Everything is at your own pace and everything can be modified.

What is a good class for beginners?
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Any class is a great class for beginners. Our coaches will help you learn the movements and the exercises right there in the class while giving modifications and simplifying movements whenever needed or requested. But if you’re completely brand new, we suggest coming in for a free consultation so we can help assess your health and fitness goals.

I have an old injury. Do you offer modifications during class?
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Everything can be modified! If you have an old injury, any mobility issues, or restricted movements of any kind, please let us know. We’ll make sure to provide alternatives and modifications throughout your program.

Do you offer a trial class?
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We no longer offer trial classes. We believe we can better serve our community by truly helping those who want a second chance at life through fitness, nutrition, and community.

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Mon - Fri 5AM - 8:30PM
Sat 8AM - 2PM
Sun 9AM - 12PM

731 S Plymouth Ct
Chicago, IL 60605
(708) 510-6800


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