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Triple 20

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for weight-loss seekers, or endurance athletes.

Short intense Interval training.
Maximize calorie after burn.
Changed on a weekly basis.
Potentially burn 500 Calories (Individual results do vary).
Pumped up music with a pumped up group.
All Fitness Levels and age groups welcome.

free 7 day trial
fit results cycling class
fit results cycling class
Triple 20 workout class
Triple 20 workout class
Triple 20 workout class
Downtown Chicago Gym class
Downtown Chicago Gym
Downtown Chicago Gym center

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Mix up your fitness routine, with this high intensity class combining endurance with strength training that targets every plane of motion on the human body.


Our premier strength and conditioning program, designed to help you get stronger and build quality lean muscle through compound movements, olympic lifting, and functional strength training.


Designed for you to reach your specific goals for weight loss, lean muscle gain, endurance, sports performance, or simply to live a healthier lifestyle.


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