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As a certified group fitness trainer I always loved being surrounded by strong, motivated individuals in all different levels. When I attended the University of St.Francis studying to become a Radiation Therapist, fitness was always my outlet with my demanding career choice. I started to join group fitness classes and it was perfect for a busy schedule like I had. I showed up, worked hard next to people who are striving to do the best and done in an hour! No time for procrastinating! Within a year my fellow coaches motivated me to become a certified group fitness trainer and I never looked back! I started to coach bootcamp style classes and even became a Zumba instructor.

After graduating college in 2017,  I became a member at Fit Results seeking for a gym again to match my busy career schedule and it didn’t last too long after to continue my passion in coaching and became a coach here. I am proof that having a busy schedule shouldn’t stop you from keeping fitness into your lifestyle. I am so honored to have one career to treat cancer patients and get them back to their stronger self and another career to push my Fit Results members to be the best strongest version of themselves because it is such a blessing to be able to do so! As a coach I strive to make each member that comes into my class feel comfortable and equal to everyone else in class, even if they are a beginner! I love an atmosphere that is motivating and not competitive.

Most importantly, I never forget that once I started as a beginner and I aspire to find the strongest self in every member by performing correct form and always have a feeling of involvement of a “fitfam” that’s trying to see the best in each other!

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